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Universal Express was founded in 1985, addressing a growing regional demand for reliable express services. Our operations commenced with a single line-haul route between Dubai and London, and swiftly grew in response to the demand for our efficiency and professionalism alongside our reputation for innovation and reliability. We now operate 12 daily line-haul services and handle deliveries for over 100 courier companies around the world.

Over the past quarter century, Universal Express has built an unmatched reputation for 24/7/365 reliability and solid customer service. Our client base now incorporates all of the region’s courier companies, and we have been honoured with performance awards from Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Air India.

Key milestones attained along our journey include:

  • 1985 Start of Operations – one line-haul route to London
  • 1988 Joint venture with IFC Bombay and launch of the Dubai-Bombay route
  • 1989 Inauguration of our Singapore office
  • 1991/2003 Uninterrupted flight operations during both Gulf Wars
  • 2006 Appointed GSA Dubai for Virgin Atlantic Express Services
  • 2007 Launch of web-enabled tracking and tracing
  • 2010 Ten daily line-haul routes in operation
  • 2013  Twelve daily line-haul routes, Nairobi office opened